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Springdale fire chief re-appointed for four more years

Springdale Fire Chief Rennie Normore has been re-appointed to the position for the next four years.
Springdale Fire Chief Rennie Normore has been re-appointed to the position for the next four years. - Submitted

31 years with department and Rennie Normore still enjoying the work

SPRINGDALE, NL - As long as the sound of a siren gets his blood pumping and he continues to enjoy putting on bunker gear, training and leading the fire department, Rennie Normore is happy to keep his job as Springdale's fire chief.

That was the case on all fronts when the fire chief position recently came up for renewal. Council endorsed Normore's wish to retain the position he has held since 2011 - another requirement for keeping the job - and he graciously accepted.

Having spent 31 years with the Springdale Volunteer Fire Department, Normore said the fulfillment and drive remains with him. As long as that continues, retirement will stay on the backburner for the 54-year-old.

Normore is approaching his continued tenure one year at a time, re-evaluating his love and passion for the job as he goes.

"As I told my firefighters and I told council, as long as I enjoy going to the fire hall on Monday nights and I still enjoy the training and going to meetings for the department, I will continue it," Normore told the Nor'wester.

"When it becomes a chore and a burden, or the same interest is not there, I will know it is time for me to move on and let somebody else take over."

The chief said he has some changes he wants council to adopt for the department before he retires.

One such change was passed last year - the fire department must inspect any new business prior to opening before a permit to occupy is granted - andNormore is happy to see that happen.

Another issue is inspections and safety procedures involving apartment buildings. The chief said there is concern about older apartment buildings in the town.

The department is currently four firefighters short of its maximum of 30, so a recruitment effort is underway. The chief said some new applications are coming in.

Normore said he has a great team in place to help protect the town in case of emergency. Springdale's fire fighters are eager to learn and willing to assist in ongoing training for the department and other groups with the town, according to the chief.

He also believes he has a good working relationship with the town's staff and council.

"The CAO (chief administrative officer Jason Sparkes) and council has my back, so that makes it that much easier," he said.

Deputy Mayor Shawn Weir said the current council did not have any doubts in supporting Normore's continued role as fire chief.

"We have no reason to look for anybody else to do that job," he said. "He seems to be doing a good job."

Weir also said volunteers with the fire department have served the town well over the years.

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