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Stephenville street reconstruction projects getting underway

Tom O’Brien, mayor of the Town of Stephenville.
Tom O’Brien, mayor of the Town of Stephenville.

The upgrades to two streets in Stephenville are starting, costing close to $3.5 million in total.

Mayor Tom O’Brien said at the regular general meeting of the Stephenville town council Thursday the Grove Street Reconstruction project was set to start on Monday, while the St. Clare Avenue Reconstruction project will start a week later.

He said there is no doubt there will be some traffic disruptions during both projects, being carried out by Marine Contractors.

O’Brien said 100 working days have been allotted for the Grove Street project and 110 working days for St. Clare Avenue. The work will involve installing all new underground services right up to new pavement and curb and gutter on the surface.

Phase 1 of the Grove Street Reconstruction project was completed in 2014 and involved the installation of new storm sewer pipe from Queen Street right up to the lower section of Princess Avenue.

The work this year will involve the continuation of larger storm sewer pipe to alleviate water buildup during heavy rains on some areas of Main Street near the intersection with Grove Street.

The Grove Street project has come in at a cost of $1.74 million and $1.73 million has been allotted for St. Clare Avenue upgrades.

O’Brien said a letter has been delivered to residents in the area that will be affected by the reconstruction with a Toll Free Line (1-844-568-3303) and an email that people can send any concerns during the duration of the project and that they will be addressed.

He said contractors normally try to get in and out on projects like this as soon as possible; however, whenever underground work is involved unforeseen circumstances could crop up but it’s hoped the project will be completed sooner rather than later.

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