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The artwork of Marty Byrne

Marty Byrne hard at work.
Marty Byrne hard at work. - Gary Shaw

Labrador West resident’s artistic interests are diverse


Marty Byrne smiles when he says he is an artist who has had a second job at the Iron Ore Company of Canada for the past 15 years.

Byrne arrived in Labrador West from Buchans when he was two years old.

With the exception of a couple of moves in Atlantic Canada when he was young, he has spent his adult life in the region.

Byrne has been a multi-venue artist at heart his entire life.

He has a keen interest in painting, inking tattoos and carving ice sculptures.

He also has a passion for community theatre; contributing to local events with writing and performing.

Byrne is quick to tell everyone that no matter what his artistic endeavour may be at any given time, it provides challenging – but relaxing and therapeutic – benefits to his life.

Byrne’s artwork focuses on Labrador themes.

His most recent interest is potter; he credits Ed Owen, a retired art teacher who taught at Menihek High School in Labrador West, for helping him get started. Before Owen left Labrador West he gifted Byrne his kiln and wheel.

With those modest tools, Byrne has quietly been working away and his pottery skill has grown.

Byrne has an open-door policy in his garage at his home for any and all who have an interest in his art forms.

He enjoys conversing with anyone who drops by and is eager to chat about what he does.

Byrne is looking forward to the inaugural Spirit of Labrador West Art Show at the Labrador West Arts and Culture Centre on Nov. 25.

Various local artists will showcase their work at the event, which is open to the public and will include finger foods and live local music.

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