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“We Built This Town” hits Lab West

“We Built This Town” took to the stage on July 7.
“We Built This Town” took to the stage on July 7. - Contributed

Encore Community Arts Association takes to the stage; shows scheduled through to July 30

LABRADOR CITY, N.L. — The Encore Community Arts Association is a local not-for-profit group with a five-year history in Labrador West.

They have done musical productions from small scale up to productions involving 80 people.

The local group is led by director Krista Norman. They are preparing to deliver the musical “We Built This Town”.

This is a youth driven production with 11 participants from Grade 9 to university aged youth. They also have six children included in the presentation.

The entire cast is a display of youthful enthusiasm, driven by their interest in music and the arts and enjoyment and commitment to a great local cause.

These young folks, under the leadership of Norman, have a good understanding of the history of their group and see the importance and value in the story they are telling through their music, of the history of the community.

When asked about what the positive is in their efforts beyond the music, they provided a broad and inclusive insight. The hard work everyone has put into this production has enforced their interest in music, supports the importance of local history, and supports and displays local talent.

They were quick to say that they were having fun, learning valuable tools in the production of such events, and through the social aspect of their time spent together doing this musical, they are developing valuable friendships.

The presentation of “We Built This Town” will be through music that highlights the journey through all the years of building the community from the very beginning to present day.

From the early years of the trappers in the 1880’s, to the early geologists, the beginning of the Knob Lake project to the building of the QNS&L Railway lines — it’s all represented.

There is also a part of the presentation that addresses a strike as well as the generations that have came up through the ranks.

Audiences will likely make the connection between the music from “We Built This Town” to “The Greatest Showman”. There is also a good representation of traditional Labrador music.

The musical is a 70-minute production, followed by a social time. It will be held at the Orange Hall in Labrador City from July 7-30, consisting of 13 shows. Showtime is at 7:30 p.m. and will be presented in an intimate setting with 40 guests per show.

Tickets are available on or cash tickets from Bethany at 709-280-6767.    

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