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Ask the Skiers/Snowboarders - Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain ski resort in Steady Brook was a busy place Saturday with 90 per cent of the mountain open for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. People from all walks of life and varying skill levels were decked out in their ski suits and enjoying a sunny day with no wind. Everybody appeared in good spirits as another ski season officially got underway Saturday morning.

Question: What does skiing at Marble Mountain do for your mental health during the winter season?

Gavin Curtis, Deer Lake

I love it. It’s amazing to get out and enjoy the slopes. A lot of people like the different kinds of slopes and the majority of stuff so everyone can get what they want and have fun. I feel a lot better when I am skiing, for sure.

Noah Anderson, Corner Brook

It lets me open up. Instead of being stuck in school, you can come out here and kind of unwind, relax and have fun with your friends. It keeps the blood pumping.

Bethany Brophy, Pasadena

It allows me to escape from what’s going on in life. I got exams coming up, so this takes my mind off it and allows me to relax until I start studying again.

Destiny Fudge, Corner Brook

For me, I struggle with mental health. I have anxiety so when I come up here it just helps me relax and gets me out of all the stress in the world. I go to school and have two jobs, so with that it helps me just relax and get out. I feel better about myself when I go skiing.

Griffen Pennell, Corner Brook

Skiing is a lot fun for me. I love the jumps and skiing with my family and having fun. You can just go out and do anything that’s possible. It’s kind of scary the first time, but then when I do it again it’s not that bad.

Jackie Walsh, Corner Brook

It means everything to my mental health. To get out in the blue sky and the sunshine, oh my gosh you got to get outside in the winter. I’ve always skied my whole life. I started around 35 years ago and it’s just one of those things to help us get through winter and it’s beautiful.


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