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Diann Priddle is loving life with Bear, an abandoned dog she adopted

Diann Priddle gets lots of licks from Bear, a dog that was abandoned in Stephenville, which she has adopted.
Diann Priddle gets lots of licks from Bear, a dog that was abandoned in Stephenville, which she has adopted. - Frank Gale

Diann Priddle is trying to get used to her licks from Bear.

Bear is the border collie mix dog, about a year old, that was abandoned in the snow in Stephenville recently and rescued by the Southwest Coast SPCA.

While Priddle was visiting her friend, Tammy White, and her daughter, Anna, they told her the story about the abandoned dog they had seen on the SPCA Facebook page.

“When I read the story, it broke my heart. I had no plans to get a dog, but felt I’d give it a try. Now he is stuck to me like white on rice,” she said.

Priddle lost her last dog, Roxy, a black Lab mix, in June of last year.

When she saw Bear, she thought of how both dogs were black and that her grandchildren, who visit often, might like him.

Sure enough, all three grandchildren – who range in age from 17 months to six years — all love him.

“Bear’s very loving. He loves going for walks and being right up in my arms and giving lots of licks, something I’ve got to get used to,” she said.

Priddle, a licensed practical nurse who has been retired since March 2018, got Bear on Jan. 22, a day after he was neutered.

“He’s very protective and makes a great guard dog,” she said.

She agrees with the Southwest Coast SPCA that people shouldn’t abandon animals, especially at this time of year.

Diane Simon, president of the group, said sometimes changes happen in people’s lives that force them to find new homes for their pets.

She said when that happens, people are asked to contact the Southwest Coast SPCA or another rescue group instead of abandoning the animals. It does not cost any money to contact a rescue group.

Dogs in the SPCA’s care are usually adopted quickly.

Simon said if a person contacts their group, it will first do a post on their Facebook page to help get a new home for the pet. If they need to take the dog into their care, they will do their best to make sure the dog goes to a good home, checking references carefully.

There are lots of rescue groups that will help.

Contact Information

Southwest Coast SPCA, Stephenville: private message Facebook or Instagram page, call (709) 214-1750 or email

SCAPA, Stephenville: (709) 649-4997

In memory of (Shadow) Emergency Vet Care Fund, Port Aux Basques: message Facebook page

Lucky Paws Kitty Rescue, Burgeo: message Facebook page or call (709) 886-7750/ (709) 660-0886

Scaredy Cat Rescue, Corner Brook: message Facebook page or call (709) 632-2940

NL West SPCA, Corner Brook: message Facebook page or call (709) 785-2747

Kitty Academy Rescue & Adoption, Corner Brook: message Facebook page

Sunshine Kitty Rescue & Adoptions, Corner Brook: message Facebook page

Deer Lake Kitty Rescue, Deer Lake: message Facebook page

Silver Linings Cat Rescue, St. Lunaire-Griquet: message Facebook page or call (709) 454-6552/ (709) 454-6553

Rescue NL, St. John’s, but accepts animals from all over the province: message Facebook page

FurEver Young - Senior Animal Rescue, St. John’s (dogs over the age of eight and cats over the age of 12): message Facebook pag

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