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Gardening a great passion for Stephenville's Dave Rex

Dave Rex is seen with some of the carrots he pulled from his community garden plot in Stephenville.
Dave Rex is seen with some of the carrots he pulled from his community garden plot in Stephenville.

Meet Mr. Community Gardening himself – Dave Rex.

He probably needs no introduction to most people in Bay St. George because of his community involvements and especially to those have plots in the community garden located on the Lions Club property in Stephenville.

It’s gardening that is one of his greatest passions.

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The community garden has been his haunt for most of the summer and into the fall during harvesting and, in fact, since it was created a number of years ago.

He said this year has been a bumper year for crops.

Rex said there was only one crop that didn’t do well for him this year and that was the larger tomatoes. They grew but didn’t ripen, yet he had a good yield of the smaller cherry tomatoes at home.

He said his carrots, potatoes, summer turnips, parsnips, cucumbers and beets all grew well.

Rex said most people with plots in the community garden all did well, with the exception of a few.

He said, like any garden, it takes a little bit of work and there were some who didn’t spend time watering their plots and those crops suffered during a bit of a summer dry spell.

Rex said this year they had 10 plots of the 54 on the site unused, so it is catching on.

He said community garden organizers are thinking next year about setting a deadline for people getting plots. In that way if all the plots are not gone it will give current gardeners the opportunity to purchase a second plot.

“With a nominal fee of $10 per lot with tools, limestone and compost supplied it’s a great deal,” Rex said. “All you have to do is supply seeds and a little bit of labour.”

He noted the property is fenced in, so it has a fair bit of protection.

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