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Column: Winds of change pullin’ ‘round here, there

Dave White
Dave White - The Western Star

This week in hometown McIvers, 100-plus kilometre southerlies wailing overnight and through the day Sunday picked apart shingles and sprung leaks in homes and fishing stores, among other things. There was little in the way of damaging groundwater.

Around the tattered landwash, Wednesday’s sunny breaks offered a chance to fix up a bit and brought encouragement in hopes for an early spring, just like the groundhog promised last week.

Deadline temperatures were rising and more high wind was in the forecast Wednesday night, however.

Trimmed roots on butts of trees are grounded around McIvers as the ocean tides to salvage washed up fuel wood.


Graced to have a safe playing surface inside as temperatures outside fluctuated above and below freezing last weekend, the 13th annual Mark Baldwin-Tommy Buffett Memorial Hockey Tournament at Marshall Moores Arena in Cox’s Cove warrants an another encore of laurels for organizers, volunteers and participating teams who make it a respectful competition and fun for all who take part.

The sports and education fundraiser garnered more than $2,000 to fund the Baldwin and Buffett family scholarships at Templeton Academy, and support operations and programing at the Cox’s Cove arena.

On the ice, Howard White’s Boys claimed the trophy for the second time in the tournament’s history. The team won its first title in 2008, their second year in it.

Led by the tournament’s most valuable player Blake Lovell, the 6-3 win over Rick’s Crew in the title match this year sparked celebration. that brought the team, and the snuggled trophy, backpacking via snowmobile to teammate Blake Janes’s cabin in the woods at Hughes Lakes.

“The trophy survived the trip, and so did our players,” Capt. Kirk White quipped. “It was a wonderful time spent with family.”

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