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Corner Brook couple found love online

Jason Moulton and Andrea Hamilton found love online.
Jason Moulton and Andrea Hamilton found love online. - Submitted

When it comes to looking for love, more and more Canadians are turning to online dating websites and apps to find the person of their dreams.

According to 36 per cent of Canadians use online dating.

Andrea Hamilton and Jason Moulton can count themselves among that percentage.

The Corner Brook couple started their relationship via Plenty Of Fish, but their story does have a little bit of a twist in that they had had a chance encounter — at a funeral — before that.

About two years ago, Hamilton was singing at a funeral and Moulton was working for the funeral home handling the service.

Hamilton remembers the two of them catching each other’s eye. When she went up to sing, she noticed him looking at her.

“And then I got nervous because I knew he was watching down there.”

He continued to watch her as she walked back and when she got close she reached out, touched his arm and said, ‘Good morning.’

“I just had to,” she said with a laugh.

When she went back upstairs she commented to the organist, wondering who the new “hot guy” with the funeral home was.

Corner Brook is not that big of a city, but the two never saw each other around. Hamilton did some asking, but no one knew who he was.

Moulton said it’s definitely true that he was watching her at the funeral.

“I thought she was an attractive girl and she was a great singer to boot. That helped,” he said with a laugh.

Moulton also asked around and found out her name.

“And I creeped her on Facebook.”

But it didn’t go any further.

“I guess I’m a shy guy, and I wasn’t really in the position then to do anything,” said Moulton, who was coming out of a relationship at the time.

A couple of months later, he figured it was time to get back into dating and signed up for Plenty of Fish. He had used it before and found it a good way to meet people.

“Plenty of Fish is good for the shy, lazy people like me who like to work from their couch,” he said.

He didn’t see Hamilton’s profile on there.

“I would have recognized her right away.”

Hamilton’s profile wasn’t public. She was recently divorced and felt it was better that way.

But she was curious about who was around and single and what they were interested in.

“And people seem to be more open when they are able to say online what they’re interested in than trying to get it out of them when you’re face to face,” she said.

She said the online community is more forthcoming with their thoughts because there is still some factor of anonymity.

When she saw Moulton’s profile, she sent him a wink, not knowing that the wink included a “hi, how are you” message or that he was her mystery funeral guy.

He replied that he saw her a couple of months ago at a funeral, but she didn’t believe him.

He ended up going over to her place for tea.

“And she remembered me then,” he said.

Two months later, he moved in and the couple got engaged last summer.

Hamilton popped the question in a surprise song — Amanda Marshall’s “Marry Me” — that she sang for Moulton at her brother’s wedding.

Not to be outdone, though, Moulton arranged his own proposal this past Christmas complete with a new engagement ring.

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