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Corner Brook's Mary 'Muffy' Power was 'wise beyond her years'

Mary 'Muffy' Power died Wednesday morning at the age of 108.
Mary 'Muffy' Power died Wednesday morning at the age of 108. - Star file photo

Just as she did everything in her life, Mary Power did her death her way.

Mrs. Power, who was known to those who loved her as Muffy, died early Wednesday morning at Western Memorial Regional Hospital.

At 108 years old, she was possibly the oldest person in the province.

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Born in Gambo on Sept. 15, 1909, Mrs. Power moved to Corner Brook in 1933.

Walking down Main Street one day she passed a house being built at No. 33 and told the friend who was with her that she was going to live there one day.

“And she did,” said her granddaughter Janice Webber.

The man building the house, Michael Power, would later become her husband and the house the home they shared with their family until his death almost 47 years ago.

It was the home she would continue to share with her daughter, Catherine Webber, and her family until being admitted to hospital on Monday.

Mrs. Power grew up in a time when women were often considered second and it was felt they should stay home and take care of the house.

“That’s not Muffy,” said Webber.

“She was wise beyond her years, beyond her time.”

She may have stayed home, but it was from there that she ran a successful bed and breakfast, welcoming people from all over the world.

“Muffy thinks that owning your own business as a woman is the best thing you can do for yourself in life,” said Webber.

“Any woman who had a business of her own, she thought was wonderful.” And so, she was pretty proud that her granddaughter became a businesswoman.

“Muffy did whatever she wanted to do,” she said with a laugh of her grandmother who travelled all over Canada, the United States and had been to Mexico.

“No man ever said no to Muffy.”

She was tough, but she was caring.

“Muffy was wonderful. She was good to everyone who came in over her doorstep,” she said.

“She’d give you her last dollar. If you needed it she would give it to you.”

And she lived a full life.

“Right to the end.”

On Mother’s Day Mrs. Power told Webber that it was time to go home.

“I knew she was ready to go.”

Webber figures her strong faith in God and her religion played a role in her contentment at the thought.

That faith came out in an interview on her birthday this past September when asked what words of wisdom she had for the younger generation.

“Go to church,” she said. “Whatever church they belong to it doesn’t make any difference ... and don’t do anything bad. If you live a good life that’s all you will need.”

True to her faith, her life will be honoured with a Catholic funeral mass at the Most Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Cathedral on Friday at 10 a.m.

In honour of her grandmother, who was always a very fashionable woman, Webber will be wearing a hat.
“She loves hats. Hats were her thing.”

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