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Corner Brook's Tom Cochrane says team effort helped him win MusicNL's video of the year


Tom Cochrane appreciates being recognized for his effort, but he wasn’t willing to take all the credit for a winning piece of work.

Cochrane, a 29-year-old Pasadena native, directed the video for Kellie Loder’s song “Boxes” — chosen best video of the year at the 2017 Music Newfoundland and Labrador’s Awards and Conference Week held at the Rock House in St. John’s.

Cochrane was in attendance when the award was announced at the Rock House Thursday night. Six of the videos in the running were screened that night by the six bands providing the entertainment for one of the showcase events during the 25th anniversary of Music NL.

Winning wasn’t something he expected when he went there, but he was quite pleased with how the video turned out. He said Loder was heavily involved in the project from start to finish and Daniel Adams played a key role in taking care of most of the editing so he considers it a full team effort.

Cochrane forged a friendship with Loder about 12 years ago when the two creative minds were attending university in Corner Brook. They shared the common bond of love for music so they have maintained that friendship.

Back in the fall of 2016, Cochrane received a telephone call from Loder who wanted to know if he was interested in coming on board with producing a video for “Boxes.” Loder sent him the song and he listened to it, and then they began talking about some ideas of how they could produce it.

According to Cochrane, the song itself is about changes and finding out who you are in the world. They built on the idea of boxes and what they could be used for when making the video. They invited a number of folks to come in as actors to act out different scenes with boxes such as the idea of moving in terms of somebody leaving home to go to college, the idea of somebody moving out after a breakup and even an older person going through the belongings of their partner who just passed away.

The idea of what you can put in boxes, the differences in the types of boxes, being forced into boxes and breaking out of boxes was the focus as they put it together.

“It’s cool to be recognized by your peers in the music industry like this and at the end of the day the project isn’t possible without Kellie’s song,” he said. “It’s a real emotional tune and Kelly just kind of kind of knocked it out of the park with this one.”

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