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Deer Lake’s Stanley Jeddore is still spreading kindness

Stanley Jeddore loves spreading kindness around his hometown of Deer Lake.
Stanley Jeddore loves spreading kindness around his hometown of Deer Lake. - Roxanne Ryland

For about a year now six-year-old Stanley Jeddore has been spreading kindness around Deer Lake.

Why he does it is something his mom, Phylicia Jeddore, said he finds hard to explain and his usual answer to questions is just that he likes doing it.

And that’s good enough for her.

“I think it really keeps his mind off of his stuff and makes him focus on everybody else,” said Phylicia.

Stanley has autism and was pretty much non-verbal until he was around four. His giving ways go back to when he was a toddler. When the family would have visitors Stanley would bring them a little gift, his peace offering, said Phylicia.

Now he’s turned to giving to the whole community. And in the time since The Western Star last spoke with them, Phylicia said her son has been “busy, busy, busy.”

His acts of kindness have included raising money for the Deer Lake Fire Rescue, a cat rescue and bringing treats to residents at the Deer Lake Manor.

Thanks to a $500 win in a ReMax Deer Lake selfie contest he’ll be able to do a lot more.

So far he’s bought coffee and donuts for the people behind him in a packed line at Tim Hortons and purchased $200 in toys that will go to children in need in the community through Autumn and Freya’s Christmas Tree.

His reason for doing so is simply, “to make kids happy.”

Phylicia said despite having his eye on a robot toy for sometime Stanley didn’t want to keep any of the money for himself.

When mom told him it was OK to spend some, Stanley picked out a $2 climbing toy at the local dollar store.

“It was so cool, it climbed down the wall and the curtains.”

Some of Stanley’s acts of kindness

He made cookies and brought a fruit tray to seniors at the Deer Lake Manor and joined them in a few games of bowling

Donated money to international students

Donated to the food bank

Made plush Stanley Bears and sold them, raising $120 for the Sunshine Kitty Rescue

Made organic bath salts and delivered some around Deer Lake

Delivered cards, flowers, gift cards and treats around Deer Lake

Held a fundraiser for Deer Lake Fire Rescue that featured horse rides and hot dogs and raised $325

He’s been buying coffee and donuts for people

Has donated toys to Autumn and Freya’s Christmas Tree

He’s now putting together a basket for mothers and children in the hospital and selling Christmas bags to raise money for the Deer Lake Regional Search and Rescue

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