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Design Collision competition will bring together people of different backgrounds and ideas at Grenfell Campus

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Participants from different backgrounds, possessing varying ideas, will attempt to collaborate on a design challenge at Grenfell Campus later this month.

The Design Collision Competition takes place March 23-25, bringing together faculty, staff, and students from any discipline, program, or school.

Organizers are purposely reaching out to various communities such as fine arts, humanities, engineering, business, and even those without a technical background at all.

“We’re just trying to get as many people in the room with different ideas and different backgrounds as possible,” said organizer Jacqueline Walsh.

Working in teams, participants will compete in a design challenge to design a prototype. Teams will have access to technology and materials at Grenfell. The prototypes will be judged, with prizes for the winning team.

Though similar events have been held in the past, this is the first time for this particular installation, focusing on design thinking and using technology such as 3D printers.

There are no guidelines for the design creations, though people from varying backgrounds will be on hand to offer suggestions.

“We wanted to leave it open to see what people could come up with,” said Walsh, though she added the most important part of the competition is taking something that already exists, identifying challenges with it, and making the product better.

For more information, or to register, visit

The deadline to register is today.

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