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Former Steady Brook resident Jon Pike says his new sound has an edge to it

Former Steady Brook resident Jon Pike’s latest project Brdgs launched in February.
Former Steady Brook resident Jon Pike’s latest project Brdgs launched in February. - — Screen capture

Things have changed a lot for Jon Pike since he wrote his first song back in high school.

He doesn’t remember the title of the song, written in the gymnasium at Corner Brook Regional High some eight years ago, just that the song left something to be desired.

“It was really bad, really, really bad.”

But it was that song, now tucked away in shoebox somewhere, that made the former Steady Brook resident realize that making music was the only thing he wanted to do.

“You’ve got to be bad to get good,” he said when The Western Star recently caught up with him.

Even back in high school Pike had no interest in playing other people’s songs and wanted to write his own.

After stints in a few other bands he joined with friend and fellow Steady Brooker Gordon Huxter to form Everglow about two and a half years ago.

The duo had a lot of success. They played in every province and won an East Coast Music Award (ECMA) in 2016 for Fans Choice Video of the Year for “Feel Your Heart.”

Last September they made the move Toronto, where Pike is now based, and shortly after parted ways.

“Kind of the best for both of us.”

Looking at what to do in the city Pike started working as a songwriter and producer for other artists.

Still, he wanted to do something himself and developed Brdgs (pronounced bridges) in order “to make something happen.”

As for the name, he thought Brdgs was cool.

“I really like the ability to kind of, not mask myself, but present myself differently than I have.”

He said it is a new freedom and an opportunity to try out new sounds. The result is an electronic pop sound that is more modern in terms of production and more drum-centric.

Songwriting-wise it’s similar to Everglow’s work because he is the one doing the writing.

But it’s still very much him.

“It’s got a little bit more edge to it.”

He launched Brdgs in February with his first song “Smoke and Mirrors,” and followed that with an ECMA songwriters tour around Atlantic Canada.

His latest release “In the Wild” came out in August and made the Billboard Canada Top 40 last month.

He’s been to Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria and Los Angeles and has worked with Corner Brook native Yvette Coleman as part of Saint Yves, a trio that also includes Jeremy Kelly.

He has an EP (extended play) album coming out in March and has been doing more writing and producing on projects for other artists.

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