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Fulltime music career has hit a chord with Mike Dominey

Mike Dominey, a former resident of Stephenville now living in Edmonton, AB, is carving out a full time music career performing and doing music videos.
Mike Dominey, a former resident of Stephenville now living in Edmonton, AB, is carving out a full time music career performing and doing music videos. - Frank Gale

It’s been more than four years now since Mike Dominey stepped out of a heavy hauler truck at Syncrude in Fort McMurray after making a decision to go full time at his passion for music.

Despite making over $100,000 a year at that job and less than six figures now, he has no regrets about his decision.

“To me finding something your passionate about is the ultimate goal,” the Stephenville native now living in Edmonton, where he is among the city’s most talented musicians, said.

He spent four years driving truck at Syncrude.

“My quality of life is so much higher now because I’m pursuing what I love,” 38-year-old Dominey said in an interview.

With his calendar booked solid every weekend all year long, it’s obvious his music is appreciated. Some of his gigs take him back to Fort McMurray every couple of weeks where he still enjoys performing.

His love of music started off during high school in Stephenville when he got his first guitar at 15 years of age. Some of his fondest memories are being involved in Battle of the Bands competitions.

“Back when I was growing up there were lots of people throwing bands together and playing music,” he said.

Dominey’s music is not limited to one genre as he’s “super open-minded” and if he likes something he will play it – country, rock, pop or folk.

His repertoire is not limited to covers as he has been writing his own songs for the past 15 years.

A recent song he recorded at a studio in Edmonton “While You’re Here” has been getting lots of radio airplay time.

Dominey, who is single, says he’s putting his time and energy into what he loves and focusing on his music.

While he misses Stephenville he finds it different when he visits home, perhaps because a lot of friends are no longer around. He would be interested in doing a Newfoundland tour as people ask him about that all the time.

From here he will just continue writing music, playing music and hopefully broaden his musical horizons.

“I’ll keep going in the direction I’ve been going and it can only be bigger from here,” he said.

Dominey’s music is available online on all social media platforms including: iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon or on his website:

Dominey is the son of Wendall Dominey of Stephenville and Hilda Lomond, who lives in Nova Scotia.

About Mike Dominey:

· A top three winner in the 2016 Yamaha/Socan National Song Writing Contest.

· Released fresh new EP in 2017 with renowned producer Stew Kirkwood of Sound Extractor – Check out hit song “While You’re Here”

· Mike has dedicated his entire life to music making. This now includes playing over 150 shows per year gigging night in and night out.

· Over 23 years of experience playing and performing music

· Genuine passion in building the Edmonton music scene through supporting and collaborating with other artists in his community.

Source: Daryl Payne, music videographer

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