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Immaculate Heart of Mary - Lion's Roar - Feb 1

Students in JK 4, Rachel Young, Danica Maloney, Maya Thomas, Sarah Ketcha, Hannah Simmonds, and William Hancock, paint a photo with pine tree branches.
Students in JK 4, Rachel Young, Danica Maloney, Maya Thomas, Sarah Ketcha, Hannah Simmonds, and William Hancock, paint a photo with pine tree branches. - Contributed

By Lily Smallwood, CarlyRae Mouland, Carter Bromley, Jacob Cull, and Erica Kennedy
The grade four boys’ and girls’ basketball teams played in a fun tournament last weekend. There were no scores kept during the games.
The junior and senior high exams continued this week. They will conclude on Monday.
The grade four class continued their cross country skiing lessons at Blow Me Down this week with their second week of skiing. The students were excited to get out and continue their program, despite the cold weather.
On Thursday, we held a fundraiser for the Kids Eat Smart Foundation and our school breakfast program. All donations from our families will be matched by the Kids Eat Smart Foundation.
The grade six boys’ basketball team played a game on Monday and Wednesday afternoon against J.J. Curling. They are participating in a tournament this weekend hosted in Stephenville.
We would like to thank the Knights of Columbus for their food donations to the Breakfast Program this week.

Stars of the Week
Congratulations to Sam Gaulton and Imogen Ash who made stuffed cats in afterschool program sewing club.
We would like to congratulate Jessica Galliott, an IHMS parent and our greenhouse facilitator,  on the birth of her new baby girl, Emily and little sister to grade two student, Carrie Hoskins.
Class News
The junior kindergarten classes have been exploring arctic animal footprints, sounds, and how many hibernate.
Ms. Cornick’s Kindergarten class is learning to read more and more each day. Way to go!
Mrs. George’s grade one English class is learning all about groundhogs today. Did you know that they are also known as woodchucks and whistle pigs? In social studies they are learning about how communities depend on each other for the exchange of goods and services.
Mme. Ryan’s grade two and three French Immersion class have begun a unit on measurement. They are comparing length, height, weight, and capacity. They are also discussing friendships and differences.
Ms. Bursey’s grade two English class is learning about addition doubles, and finishing off technology and matter units.
Mme. King’s grade four, five and six French Immersion class would like to congratulate Brooklyn on her fine performance at the grade 4 girls’ basketball tournament this past weekend. In French language arts the students did a great job on their poetry writing and are very excited to welcome students from St. Pierre next week. In math, the grade four and five students are finished their data management unit. The grade 6’s are excelling at order of operations.
Ms. Williams’ grade three class had a lot of fun reviewing their adding and subtracting strategies by playing an adding game called “Tic Tac Add”. They also began estimating differences and learning strategies for subtracting two digit numbers. In language art they are learning the rules for placing commas in sentences.
Mrs. Hink’s grade four class is happy to be participating in the Cross Country Skiing program at Blow Me Down. They are learning about reaching goals by reading “To the Top of Everest”. It is an exciting time.
Mr. Ryley’s grade five class is excited for their classroom simulation on the feudal system in social studies. In language arts they are starting a novel study on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Mrs. McCarthy’s grade six class is reading a story about a young Jewish boy who was in hiding during the second World War. In band they are preparing their pieces for the upcoming Rotary Music Festival.
Mr. Drew Nadon’s grade seven and eight class wrote their math exams on Wednesday. In social studies they are working on their World War One simulation.
Mr. Hancock’s grade nine to level three class continued their midterm exams this week. In language arts they are preparing for their Poetry in Voice presentations next week.

Coming Up
Next week we will welcome a group of visiting students from St. Pierre to our school.

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