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Joshua Jamieson’s ‘Waiting Outside…’ gains international attention, will screen in Scotland Oct. 26

Clint Butler as Simon and Kate Dobbin as Scout have a discussion at the breakfast table in a scene from Joshua Jamieson’s latest short film “Waiting Outside …”
Clint Butler as Simon and Kate Dobbin as Scout have a discussion at the breakfast table in a scene from Joshua Jamieson’s latest short film “Waiting Outside …” - Sam McNeish

Life is never simple.
Any one of us is faced with a host of taxing events of some sort in our daily lives.
Dealing with illness, death, poverty, relationship issues, sexuality and the impact each of these and a host of others have on all of us is reality.
How you deal with those is what gets you through.
Several of these issues are the basis for Joshua Jamieson’s latest short film “Waiting Outside …”
He was tired of stereotypical portrayals of the LGBTQ, so he focused more on the fact a gay couple, one in the military, had adopted and are raising a daughter, just like any other couple would. Toss in one of the men’s cancer diagnosis and how that prognosis is managed in addition to putting the message forward that members of the LGBTQ community are just as valuable as anyone else in society is the main themes of the film that tells the viewers how important it is to enjoy life’s small gifts to the fullest.
“Waiting Outside …” has drawn rave reviews at the FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival in Halifax and the accolades and attention it has received are still coming as “Waiting Outside…” has been named an official selection to the Scottish Independent Film Festival.

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The film will screen in Edinburgh on Oct. 26 . Additional details regarding the venue and screening time will be announced once the festival releases its full schedule.
The film is centres on a father named Simon (Clint Butler) who cares for his young daughter Scout (Kate Dobbin) while his husband Felix is deployed overseas. The cast also includes performances from Amy House, Kyle Snow and Lisa Rose Snow.
When Simon is diagnosed with cancer, his world is shaken and he must deal with it as well as his future, alone.
“Waiting Outside…”  will inspire audiences to rediscover the value of the small moments in life and to make the most of every one,’’ Jamieson said in a news release.
“We hope it furthers a conversation on quality of life while shining a light on the challenges faced by people in similar situations, and the impacts those challenges have on them,” he added.
In addition, the film, because of its message, is endorsed by the Canadian Cancer Society-NL.
Based on a poem by Carmelita McGrath from her book “Escape Velocity.” The film was produced by Ruth Lawrence and shot by cinematographer Brad Gover.
In addition, the musical score was done by ECMA award winner Rozalind Macphail and the closing song was a collaboration between Macphail and Jamieson.
The film captured the NL Joy Award from the Linda Joy Media Arts Society for its outstanding script, which supported its three-day shoot in August 2016 following Jamieson’s participation in the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation’s film business development mission to Los Angeles that summer.
It was completed in January 2018, and began its film festival circuit with availability at the Cannes Film Festival, specifically within the Short Film Corner.
At home, within Newfoundland and Labrador, Jamieson’s film was an official selection at the Nickel Independent Film Festival and will be a part of its eventual road show lineup.
The next local screening of “Waiting Outside…” will be in Clarenville  where the short is an official selection at the 2nd Annual Smith Sound Film Festival taking place Oct. 12.
Tickets for that screening are $10 and they are available now through the Eastlink Events Centre (; all proceeds from this screening will be donated to the local regional food bank.

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