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Meghan Greeley proud to be a nominee for playwright prize

Meghan Greeley hasn’t forgotten those who fostered her work. She beams with pride over being nominated for one of Canada's most prestigious prizes for new artists.

Meghan Greeley


The Corner Brook native, who has a bachelor of fine arts degree (acting) at Grenfell Campus, is one of six nominees for the RBC Tarragon Emerging Playwright Prize. Each year, Tarragon solicits nominations for the award from select artistic directors across the country, and then assembles a reading committee to determine the prize winner.

Greeley now calls Toronto home. She’s very active in acting and writing while working for Khachilife magazine where she is a digital content producer and contributor.

She found out last month that Amy House, artistic animateur at LSPU Hall in St. John’s, had put her name forward as a worthy nominee for the award. It was an appreciated gesture.

“I’ve always felt like my work was very supported by the older generations in St. John’s and I never felt at a disadvantage being a young playwright,” Greeley said Friday in a telephone interview from Toronto.

Two of her plays, “Hunger” and “Kingdom,” were produced by Ruth Lawrence of White Rooster Theatre, so she’s always cognizant of the help she received as she blossomed into a playwright.

“I wouldn’t be anywhere without her so I just feel very grateful ... to the St. John’s theatre community for fostering my work,” she said.

Five of the six nominees for this year’s award, which will be handed out next month, are female playwrights and that’s something that means a lot to Greeley. Over the past few years, she said, there’s been a lot of discussion about increasing the number of plays by women that are produced across North America.

“We’ve always been outnumbered by men so I think it was really exciting to see that out of the six nominees five of us are women,” she said.

The prize has a value of $8,000 and includes a year's worth of dramaturgical support from Tarragon Theatre, as well as a public reading during the theatre's annual Play Reading Week.

Other nominees include Gillian Clark, Christina Quintana, Frances Koncan, Darrah Teitel and Geoffrey Simon Brown.

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