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Pasadena man beaming with pride after long 50-kilometre journey

Pride was evident in the community as participants make their way through Pasadena during the 50-km trek from Deer Lake to Corner Brook.
Pride was evident in the community as participants make their way through Pasadena during the 50-km trek from Deer Lake to Corner Brook.

Breakfast in bed?

A bouquet of flowers and a bottle of fine wine?

Being pampered for the day?

Any of those might be ideal for some women on their 51st birthday, but this wasn’t the case for Pasadena’s Lisa Lane Thornhill.

She spent her big day walking from Deer Lake to Corner Brook to support Kevin Garnier and the Sesquicentennial Project in an effort to raise money for the newborn and paediatric unit of Western Memorial Regional Hospital.

The trek, which started at 5 a.m. with fresh treats compliments of Tim Hortons and ended 4:20 p.m. at the main entrance of the hospital, followed the old highway route that Garnier used 50 years ago when he and three friends walked to Corner Brook with a grocery cart collecting toys for children in hospital.

“It was my birthday so I decided I wanted to do something special for it,” Lane Thornhill said.

She was proud to be involved with a group of people who stood up to the challenge for a worthy cause and she was only too glad to play a small part.

“To come in at the hospital and realize all that money was going to the hospital and know we had a part of it was awesome,” she said.

She was impressed with how everybody encouraged each other to push forward, especially when it came to those who struggled to the finish line with a scorching sun following them along the way.

“I think everyone was just so proud of themselves they made it, really,” she said.

Julia Allingham has been an active member of community for years so walking to Corner Brook didn’t seem like a big task at first, but she admits it was a tad tougher than she anticipated, but so glad to be part of it all.

“I’m surprised that I can actually walk, but I can,” Allingham said. “It took a toll on the hips, knees and ankles by the time we actually got to Corner Brook.”

Walking 50 kilometres in a heavy heat with hardly a breeze off the water was tough enough for her, so she could only imagine how great it must have felt for those who struggled to make it the finish line at the hospital.

“I was really impressed by the persistence of people who you wouldn’t expect to be involved in something as challenging,” she said.

It was a day to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kevin’s walk as a young man and a chance for a community to stand together for a great cause so nobody is worried about the aches and pains today.

Kevin Garnier, right, and Paul Harris lead the group to the finish line at Western Memorial Regional Hospital Saturday after a 50-km walk from Deer Lake to Corner Brook.
Julia Allingham poses for a photo with Kevin Garnier after arriving at Western Memorial Regional Hospital in Corner Brook on Saturday afternoon.
Charlie Mitchell gets some fuel back into the body after walking from Corner Brook to Deer Lake as part of the Sesquicentennial Project.

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