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Jordan Maloney, once known throughout the island for his magic shows, is now an author. He is hopeful “Stormbringer” will help other people coping with anxiety and depression.
Jordan Maloney, once known throughout the island for his magic shows, is now an author. He is hopeful “Stormbringer” will help other people coping with anxiety and depression. - Krysta Carroll

Local author hopeful personal experience can assist others

GRAND FALLS-WINDSOR, NL – Jordan Maloney is a magician turned author.

People may remember him from his magic shows in central Newfoundland and across the province, but his new book isn’t about his time as a magician.

“I thought I had a story to tell and I thought I could maybe help people,” Maloney said.

The 23-year-old was 19 when he did his last public magic show, and since turning 20, he has been dealing with anxiety.

He started writing his first book, “Stormbringer,” in February 2016 and finished primary writing in mid-summer 2017. He then took more than a month to properly edit it before it was published this past fall.

“It’s a blend of both fiction and non-fiction, and a little bit of fantasy involved,” Maloney said.

The main character is an 18-year-old high school student named Adam Wake, who is dealing with anxiety and depression.

Maloney explained the story is told from five or six different perspectives and as it unfolds, it turns out that maybe there is something more to Adam as his stories come together.

“The main character is based on me,” Maloney said. “He’s a lot more courageous than probably I would be in his situations, but the way he feels about things, his depression, his anxiety, is all based on what I feel.

“That is why I wrote the book. There are very strong themes toward people with mental health issues like anxiety and depression in the book. And I feel like maybe (readers) can take little things from there and help them in their own lives with their own problems.”

The book was difficult to write because he had to evaluate himself to write the character of Adam, he said.  

“I had to go pretty deep inside my own mind and really figure out how I would react to certain things,” Maloney said. “Writing full pages of things to do with my own anxiety and depression really put things into perspective for me.”

In the beginning, Maloney was going to write the book under a pseudonym or a pen name.

“It’s weird to say now but I was really embarrassed and ashamed about the way I felt,” Maloney said. “I felt I was weak. For some people with anxiety and depression, sometimes the truth doesn’t matter. It’s all about how you feel, and the truth is really hard to see.”

He didn’t go that route because he felt it would be selfish.

“I felt even if one person could just put a face to this and it would help even a miniscule amount in their own personal life – that was worth it to me,” he said.

As hard as it was to write Adam’s character piece, certain parts – especially the fantasy parts that take place outside of Newfoundland in a place called Blistering Isle – helped him.

Though he admits he still has very bad days, Maloney says he’s doing significantly better.
“Every day I feel like I try to just keep going, put my best foot forward and try to move past it, but it’s still a day-by-day thing that you have to manage. Fortunately for me I’m managing the best I have in five years,” Maloney said.

“If anyone is reading (my book) who is depressed or has anxiety just day by day, that’s all you can do. One more day.”

Maloney isn’t stopping at one book. He is currently working on two more, including a direct sequel of “Stormbringer” and a prequel focusing only on the fantasy parts.

“Stormbringer” is available as an e-Book on Amazon, and paperback books are available by contacting Maloney on Facebook or through email at

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