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This will be the last March Hare

In the introduction to the March Hare’s 2017 program, project manager Rex Brown gave notice that 2018 would be the last year for the poetry festival.

He told The Western Star last February that he was done and if anyone out there wanted to take it on, he’d gladly hand over the reins.

On Saturday Brown said that didn’t happen and the festival will end after this year’s run.

“I feel exactly the way I did when I hung up my glove from playing softball,” said Brown on the ending of the festival. “It’s been an absolutely wonderful run. I enjoyed every minute, but now the time has come to move on.”

That’s why he is not at all regretful or nostalgic about ending the festival, which has now spanned 32 years.

“As you go through life there’s various phases and all that. I suppose it’s all summed up to for everything there is a season, well that’s it the season of March Hare is over.”

Over the years the festival has grown to extend far beyond Corner Brook. It started this year on Feb. 28 with an event at the Explorer’s Club in New York, followed by one at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto on March 1 and then the Charles W. Stockey Centre in Parry Sound, Ont. on March 2.

On Sunday, the show moved further east to The Carleton in Halifax.

On Monday, it started its run across this province with an event at St. Michael’s Parish Hall in Arnold’s Cove, Tuesday it was events in Renews and St. John’s, and on Wednesday the festival hit Freshwater and Fogo Island.

On Thursday, the festival will hold events in Gander and Deer Lake. Then it moves into Corner Brook for the weekend.

The not-for-profit corporation’s year runs to the March 31 and Brown said then all the financial and legal things that need to be done will be done to wrap it up.

“And that will be it.”

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