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Black Duck Cove receives funding for water upgrade

Due to a defective waterline, 10 homes in Black Duck Cove have been dealing with a loss of running water for the past few years. The issues have increased with time, with the area now losing its water access for hours at a time. Community initiatives to get government funding have been unsuccessful thus far.
Due to a defective waterline, nine homes in Black Duck Cove have been dealing with a loss of running water for the past few years.

Project to cost $35,000 to fix line to nine homes




A water supply upgrade is coming to Black Duck Cove and it is good news for local seniors.

After years of trouble with a waterline, affecting nine homes occupied by seniors, The Northern Pen has learned that the Black Duck Cove local service district has been approved for funding for an upgrade.

The waterline, installed in 1982, had started leaking in recent years, making basic access to running water increasingly difficult.

But that will all change with approval for $35,000 through a Special Assistance Grant application to the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment.

The cost share is 90 per cent for the provincial government and 10 per cent for the local service district.

Last year, the local service district applied for funding but was informed that the application was not consistent with guidelines under the Water Resources Act.

According to St. Barbe – L’Anse aux Meadows MHA Chris Mitchelmore, a new application met the requirements.

“Safe and clean drinking water is important to all residents of N.L., I have been working with Millie (Dredge), the local service district and Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment on this matter for a number of months,” he said in a comment to The Northern Pen. “Minister (of Municipal Affairs and Environment Andrew) Parsons and his talented staff continue to work with communities to provide support that improves safety and quality of life.

“The local service district updated their request to meet the Water Resources Act, and was approved for funding. I couldn’t be happier for the residents of Black Duck Cove that will benefit from this funding for many years to come.”

Dredge, one of the seniors occupying the nine homes and member of the local service district, said they received assistance from Mitchelmore and his staff in drafting the application.

She is appreciative of their help.

“We’re thankful,” she said. “We worked hard at it for over two years, and we appreciate the help from Christopher and his staff.”

When Dredge spoke to The Northern Pen on Sept. 17, she believed the contractor would commence work in the next week.

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