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Corner Brook considering rezoning land next to home built without proper permits in place

['Bill Barry']
['Bill Barry']

The City of Corner Brook will be pursuing a public consultation process to consider rezoning land next to a property that was recently developed without proper permits.

Prominent Corner Brook businessman Bill Barry was fined a total of $5,200 late last winter for building a house on Barry Place in the Curling area of the city without the proper permits in place and for ignoring a stop-work order.

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Corner Brook businessman Bill Barry fined $5,200 for building a home without the proper permits, ignoring stop work order

At this past public meeting of city council, the city dealt with a request to change the land-use designation and the land-use zoning of the parcel of land on Barry Place next to the new house.

The amendment would see the area, which currently has an open space designation, changed to a residential designation.

The change would allow the property on which Barry built the house to be completely located within the residential land use zone and accommodate other potential residential development of the land adjacent to the new house.

Any new water and sewer services and protection infrastructure would have to be installed at the owner’s or developer’s expense.

In order to make the amendments, the city will have to carry out a public consultation in accordance with the Urban and Rural Planning Act to see if anyone supports or objects to the plan.

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