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Are you staying up for the Olympics?

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are wrapping up today in PyeongChang, Korea and as of Friday afternoon Canada’s medal count was at 27.

QUESTION: Have you been staying up late watching some of the games and what do you think about Canada’s medal count in these Olympic Games?

Dianna Kung

- Stephenville

Yes, I have been staying up late and watching curling, skating, hockey and skiing. I’m very proud of our Canadians and what they’ve been able to achieve but more than the medal count to see them giving their best in their respective sports.

Donna Walsh

- Stephenville

I have not been staying up late watching the Olympics as I’m too busy with my job. However, I think it’s awesome for Canada to win so many medals in these games.

Ada Shave

- Stephenville

Yes, I have been staying up late watching the games and what I don’t watch in the early hours I catch up with on my iPad. The medal count is good but they could have done even better.

Christine O’Brien

- Stephenville

I have definitely been staying up late and, when I couldn’t, I PVR’d it and got up early to watch before going to work. The medal count is impressive but what I delight in is seeing the athletes enjoy what they’re doing — those special moments.

Danny O’Quinn

- Lourdes

I stay up and watch the games as much as I can. When you consider the population of Canada in comparison to countries like China, the United States, Germany, Korea and Japan, the Canadian athletes are blowing them out of the water. Hats off to our athletes, I’m proud of them.

Danny Keagan

- North Sydney

I stayed up late to watch the Canadian women’s hockey game against the United States and slept the next day. Canada has an excellent medal count and done very well. I think them made us all proud.

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