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ASK THE PEOPLE: How are you spending the last weeks of summer vacation?

The fun and frolic that young children enjoy during the summer vacation is about to come to a halt, with another school year just around the corner. It’s been a really hot summer and cooling off has been a challenge for everybody who has been active and enjoying the warm weather on the west coast over the past couple of months. The Star talked to six youth at the Humber Community YMCA Summer Camp at Corner Brook Intermediate about their plans for the bit of time left before school opens.

Question: What will you be doing with the time left before you return to school in September?

Alex King

I will probably go outside and ride my bike. I will get ready for school by going shopping and getting the supplies I will need. I will probably play some basketball and soccer, too.

Sarah Skinner

I’ll be going on vacation Saturday to St. John’s for three or four days. I am going to Axtion, which is like a big park that has bouncy castles and bumper cars.

Kemper Joseph

I’m going to (the YMCA Summer Camp) and have fun with my friends, and I’m going to play lots of games with the counsellors. I’m also going to the skateboard park with my scooter to ride.

Odin Fawcett

I might be doing another week or two in summer camp and I might have a week where I stay home with my mom and do a bunch of beach and swim days at Pasadena Beach.

Ryder Webster

My mom hasn’t told me yet. My dad is going fishing tomorrow so I’m going to buy a Tech Deck and do a bunch of tricks on it…. I’m going to go to summer camp for a few days to be with my friends and play. I like going to the soccer field to kick and play actual soccer.

Nicholas Leyte

I’m going to do normal fun things, playing with my toys and going on fun trips. In a few weeks I might be going somewhere. I want to play outside with my friends swimming at Margaret Park and playing basketball. I’m also going to play some video games.

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