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ASK THE PEOPLE: Should we still be having bonfire night?

Nov. 5 is known by many in Newfoundland and Labrador as Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes’ Night. It’s a night when communities and groups come together to mark a tradition that dates back to 1605 and the foiling of a Catholic conspiracy to assassinate King James by blowing up the British House of Parliament. Guy Fawkes was part of the conspiracy. He was arrested on Nov. 5 and later executed after being convicted of high treason. To celebrate saving the Parliament, people started holding bonfires. As this province was once a part of the British Commonwealth many of the traditions that originally came from England and Ireland made their way here. We wondered if it was time to do away with the 413-year-old tradition.

We asked: Should we continue to mark or celebrate Bonfire Night in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Marilyn Pretty

Corner Brook

Yes, because it is tradition. It is good because the people go out and watch the fires. It’s a community event.

Eric Jesso

Benoit’s Cove

Yes, I do. Well, it’s a tradition.

Bernard Pennell

Benoit’s Cove

Yes, we should. If it’s getting people together and doing something without mischief and no violence involved I agree with it. Anything that gets people together and doing things.

Marcus Maloney

Corner Brook

Of course, it’s tradition. We’re not celebrating somebody trying to burn down Parliament or anything like that. It’s just something we always did as kids, so why not do it now.

Doreen Murrin

Cox’s Cove

Yes. I think it’s something nice to look at. I always liked bonfires. We always had it, ever since I can remember.

Melvin Janes

Deer Lake

Yes. It’s just a tradition. Too many things are cut out now.

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