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ASK THE PEOPLE: What do you think of the cost of airfares here in Newfoundland?

At the latest regular general meeting of the Stephenville town council, Mayor Tom Rose complained about the cost of flying within the province, going as far as calling for an inquiry into it. He said it cost him nearly $900 to fly to St. John’s for medical reasons.

The question we posed to people is: What do you think of the cost of airfares here in Newfoundland?

Melinda White

Cold Brook

I think it’s ridiculous to have to pay that much money to fly across the province. They should lower the cost some to make it more affordable.

Heidi Brining


The air rates are definitely too high. They’re outrageous to fly within the province.

Sean O’Keefe


I agree with Tom Rose, that the cost is way too high and I think they lose business because of it. At half that cost, everyone would be flying instead of driving across the province.

Taylor-Rae Bennett

St. George’s

It’s hard for students to get home for winter break because of the cost to fly and it’s hard to be driving this time of the year because of the weather.

Kim Pennell


It’s outrageously high. I had health issues, but I couldn’t afford to fly and had to drive back and forth for several surgeries, checkups and follow ups. I’d fly to St. John’s more if it was cheaper.

Paul Grenier


I think rates within Newfoundland are crazy. You can fly to Ottawa and back cheaper than flying to St. John’s. There is no reason our rates should be different than the rest of Canada.

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