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Black bear sighted in Fillatre Avenue area of Corner Brook


A report of a black bear sighting in Corner Brook prompted the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources to issue a public advisory on Monday.
The sighting was near Fillatre Avenue, in the Sunnyslope Drive area, on the west side of the city.
The department advises people to take steps to avoid encounters with black bears. It recommends quietly backing away and leaving the area if not visible to the bear. It recommends people stay downwind of the animal, keep it in view, and never get between a female bear and her cubs.
If detected by a bear, the department advises residents to say calm, give it space and a route to get away. It also suggests people back away from the bear, but not run. If speaking is necessary, do so calmly and firmly and avoid direct eye contact with the bear.
To avoid attracting bears in communities and backyards, the department said to ensure proper storage and disposal of garbage. It recommends to avoid storing garbage in outside containers until collection day, and to keep pets inside or under close supervision. 
It also advises not to feed any wildlife as it creates a public safety hazard and may lead to the destruction of the animal.
Anyone who sees a bear in this area is advised to call the Forestry and Wildlife District Office in Massey Drive at 637-2370 or 632-9897. 

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