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Carey says resources are tight as Corner Brook works on its 2018 budget

Josh Carey.
Josh Carey. - Star file photo

This is not the first time that Josh Carey has been responsible for coming up with a balanced budget for the City of Corner Brook.

He chaired the finance committee during his first term in office some 16 years ago.

But this time the city councillor, who is back in the chair’s seat, said things are different.

“The resources are significantly tighter this time than they would have been previously,” he said.

Carey said it’s no secret that resources are tight when it comes to waste management and there has been discussion around an increase in waste-management fees. He also said the cost of fuel is going up and general maintenance costs even moreso.

“It’s general across the board cost increases that are going to occur by virtue of operating,” he said.

“In the new budget we’re really trying to link expenditures with corporate priorities.

“We’re trying to recognize that we have multiple projects about to occur over the next several years and, taking into consideration the commitments of those, should they move ahead and then how do they impact overall revenues and expenditures?”

Carey was cautious in what he would say about the budget and gave no indication that a tax increase is possible or if the city will increase its operational spending.

“We are attempting to hold expenditures to current levels.”

He said there would be some contractual obligations the city would have to, and will, follow and things like staff remuneration are covered by collective agreements.

The city is aiming to bring down its 2018 budget on Dec. 18.

In previous years the city has sought input in the process through a public consultation process.

Carey said that wouldn’t be happening this year due to the shortness of time involved. He noted the municipal election was held in September and the council is relatively new with three new members.

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