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Corner Brook’s city hall needs its emergency lighting overhauled


Corner Brook’s City Hall is having issues with its emergency lighting and the whole system needs to be replaced.

An engineering services contract was awarded at Monday evening’s public council meeting that will determine the plan to address the problem.

According to Mayor Jim Parsons, the issue stems from the battery life of the system. He said the kind of system is no longer manufactured and parts for it are no longer available.

The system still works, stressed the mayor, but it is just not as good as it could be.

The $20,855 contract awarded Monday evening to SNC Lavalin was for the detailed design of a replacement emergency lighting system and to supervise the tender and construction phases of the project.

SNC Lavalin was selected for the work because it not only worked on the original design of the city hall building, but was involved in helping assess the problem and proposing how to fix it.

Because the engineering contract is less than $100,000, the city did not have to go to public tender to award it.

According to the agreement, a construction contract should be awarded in May and the new system should be installed by late June.

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