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Deer Lake has found a possible property for Habitat for Humanity build

Deer Lake Mayor Dean Ball seen during Monday night's public council meeting.
Deer Lake Mayor Dean Ball seen during Monday night's public council meeting. - Diane Crocker

The Town of Deer Lake has been trying to secure a parcel of land for a Habitat for Humanity build for close to two years.

During Monday night’s public council meeting it was noted that the town may have found a location.

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Council in Deer Lake is considering putting its support behind a Habitat for Humanity build in the town

The town is looking at a piece of land that is up on a tax sale and investigating if it can take possession of it.

If it can, Mayor Dean Ball said during the meeting that the town would turn it over to Habitat for Humanity Newfoundland and Labrador.

The incorporated charitable non-profit organization assists low income families with becoming home owners.

The land would have to be suitable for a duplex and all indications from staff during the meeting was that it is.

“This is one that we’re owed a lot of taxes on,” said Ball of the unidentified piece of land after the meeting. He said the matter is now with staff to investigate the town’s obligations and limitations with regards to taking possession of the land.

Ball said it is the town’s intention to move on the matter fairly quickly.

“We have a lot of families that meet that criteria and we want to play a part in such a fantastic organization that we can make a contribution to two families that are well deserving in this area.”

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