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Deer Lake ready to start selling land in new industrial park

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The Town of Deer Lake is ready to start selling land in its new industrial park.

The industrial park came up for discussion during Monday night’s public council meeting.

After the meeting, Mayor Dean Ball said there are about 60 acres of land in the park, located in the area of the old access road to the Deer Lake Regional Airport, that are salable.

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Ball said the sales of two two-acre lots and one four-acre lot are expected to be completed very soon.
“And we have a couple more irons in the fire.”

With the initial interest, he’s hopeful the new park will have the same success as the original one, located along Wellon Drive. That park is currently full.

It was noted during the meeting that the extension won’t be fully serviced when the lots are sold.

The road in the new industrial park won’t be paved.

“No doubt that will come,” said Ball.

After the meeting, he said the area will see a lot of heavy work over the next while so the town didn’t want to put down asphalt that will just get torn up.

There is also no sewer service in the new industrial park.

“The cost of doing sewer in that area would just far outweigh what the land was worth,” said Ball during the meeting.

Testing in the area has determined that the ground is suitable for some kind of a bio sewage system.

Each property owner will be required to put in the system themselves and the systems will have to be certified by the province before Newfoundland Power will provide electrical service.

The area is equipped with water service.

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