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Deer Lake reviewing engineer's report on riverbank erosion

Deer Lake Mayor Dean Ball presides over the town's regular council meeting on Feb. 26.
Deer Lake Mayor Dean Ball presides over the town's regular council meeting on Feb. 26. - Photo by Roxanne Ryland

For days after the Jan. 13 rain storm the Town of Deer Lake was on alert as the banks of the Humber River crumbled away on Pine Tree Drive, putting private properties and town infrastructure in jeopardy.

But over the past couple of weeks there’s been next to no change in the situation there or across the river on Riverbank Road, where a section of the road dropped about six inches.

Mayor Dean Ball figures it will stay that way until the weather gets mild and the snow starts to melt.

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By then the town should be in a position to say how it will address the issues created on both streets when ice backing up in the river caused the water level to rise following the heavy rain storm.

During Monday night’s public council meeting it was announced that Stantec has presented the town with the report it was enlisted to complete on the situation with the river and the impact on the town’s roads.

Ball would not comment on the contents of the report and only said that there were no surprises.

“It’s things that we have been expecting.”

Ball said council is reviewing the engineering report to determine its next step.

The town has to look at the recommendations, prioritize what’s needed, look at the costs involved and at what programs it can tap into to complete any work.

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