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Did you believe legal marijuana would come?

The legalization of marijuana in Canada is supposed to take place on July 1, 2018 (Canada Day) and provinces across the country will have the right to decide how “pot” is distributed and sold.

QUESTION: Legalizing marijuana has long been debated in the House of Commons. Did you think the day when it would be legalized would ever happen?


Peter Marche

- Felix Cove

Yes, I did. There was a time many years ago when it was said that alcohol wouldn’t be legalized, but eventually it was. For many people, marijuana helps them with their pain.


Clyde Russell

- Stephenville

I don’t see anything wrong with legalizing it. It’s widely used now and I don’t see a problem as long as law enforcement has the tools to deal with it. Besides, it’s good for those with chronic pain.


Ivan Bennett

- Stephenville Crossing

Yes, I knew it was coming and the reason is because it’s another money-making racket for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, not for the people of the province, much like Muskrat Falls.

Kip Kaus

- Kippens

I did think it was coming and that it was just a matter of when. I think the more medical uses they find for it, the better. It will give our medical system another tool to fight more illnesses.


Sid Styles

- Stephenville

I did believe it would come forward because so many people are using it socially now and supporting the black market. It’s time that it was legally done the right way as a controlled substance, and it has its health benefits.


Derrica Mills

- Stephenville

I thought it would happen and wasn’t surprised because society uses enough of it. Legalizing it will make profits, but also have better control and not selling stuff laced with other things like the stuff being sold illegally.

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