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Eddie Joyce says waste management committee supports dump closures

Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Eddie Joyce. SaltWire Network file photo
Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Eddie Joyce.

Eddie Joyce said Peter Fenwick is being hypocritical when it comes to blaming him for issues dealing with waste management.

Fenwick, the mayor of Cape St. George and member of the Western Regional Waste Management committee, had requested a six-month delay in implementing the current waste management plans for Western region and blamed it squarely on the minister of Municipal Affairs and Environment for not granting it.

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However, Joyce said there was never a request from Western Regional Waste Management for this delay and in fact he got a letter from acting chair Barbara Barter this week thanking him for moving ahead with plans for closing down the regional sites in St. George’s and Corner Brook and turning them into transfer stations.

“He’s asking us (government) to go against the board he’s on,” Joyce said. “It’s hypocritical for him to say he opposes it when the board he’s on agrees with what government is doing.”

“My only comment to him is that if you have major concerns bring it to the board you’re sitting on.”

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