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Gambo to hold byelection for three seats

Ashley Fitzpatrick, Gambo, N.L.
Ashley Fitzpatrick, Gambo, N.L. - Contributed

Two councillors step down to run for vacated mayor’s chair

The departure of mayor Dennis Lush has left a big void with the Gambo town council.

In a town issued statement, Lush said he would be leaving the province to work overseas on Sept. 4.

As a result, two of the town’s councillors – Barbara Pritchett and Craig Lush – stepped down to run for mayor in the upcoming byelection.

While it reduces the seven-member council to four, acting Mayor Darren Dyke says quorum can still be reached, so it will be business as usual for the municipality.

“We’ll still be able to operate with what we have,” said Dyke. “We are hoping to hold the byelection in short order, so it shouldn’t be that long (until there’s another full council).”

The town should have a better understanding of an election date after the Sept. 23 nominations, he added.

Dyke confirmed Lush has gone on to work in Qatar, teaching.

“It’s very disappointing and I’m sorry to see him go, but the opportunity was there,” he said.

The former mayor couldn’t be reached for comment, however, prior to his departure, Lush’s statement offered a message of thanks to the employees and residents of Gambo.

“I have been humbled by your encouragement, support and positive comments. It has been a pleasure to serve in the capacity as your mayor and to represent the Town of Gambo on your behalf,” it read.

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