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Gas prices fall again across Newfoundland and Labrador

<p><span class="Normal">Making a trip to the gasoline pumps has been a tad easier on the pocket book in recent weeks with prices of late seeing steady decline. That trend is likely to switch, however, as the price bottoms out the closer we get to spring.</span></p>
The price of gas dropped 1.7 cents per litre in Newfoundland and Labrador Thursday.

The fall season continues… for the price of gas in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Following a slight increase in last week’s scheduled weekly price adjustment, the cost of gas continued its downward trend with a 1.7 cent per litre (cpl) dip at provincial pumps. It’s the ninth time in 10 weeks that price has fell. 

The most one will pay for a litre of self-service fuel on the Avalon peninsula is $1.14.

Meanwhile, diesel, furnace and stove oil slid about a cent per litre each and propane climbed one cent.

The next scheduled price change will be delayed until next Friday due to the holiday season.

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