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How has the ski season been so far this winter?

It’s been an up and down winter weather-wise. The conditions are making it hard for businesses that depend on the snow, like Marble Mountain. What about the skiers and snowboarders who frequent the Steady Brook?

We asked:

How has the ski season been so far this winter?

Brady Reid

Corner Brook

This is my first year getting a season pass in I’d say about five years because I’ve been away. So I was really hopeful, for a good season. So far it hasn’t been the best. January has been up and down with the weather we’ve been having, with the rain. But I’ve been up now a good half dozen times and when I do come up the conditions aren’t too bad. I wish more of the hill was open. Today (Thursday) is just unreal.

Maddison Hulan

Corner Brook

The few times that we’ve gotten up it’s been OK. Marble is working miracles. The staff is doing an incredible job. I don’t know how they’re recovering from all this stuff, but they’ve been doing it. With the weather we’re just getting up when we can. Hopefully, we’ll get a little more snow.

Taylor Broadhurst


I’m here for the winter. I was laid off, so I came here for the winter to ski everyday — living the dream. It’s been pretty good. Hopefully we get some more snow and get the rest of the mountain open, and keep the good days rolling.

David Critch

St. John’s

It was hit poor with the weather, but you can tell the crews are working hard to make it skiable. Once you get on the hill the conditions are pretty good. The first couple of days were boring obviously where you only had the two runs open.

Liane Kennedy

Humber Valley Resort

The weather creates the one factor that the hill can’t plan for. With all the changes that occurred last year the staff and the work that they’re doing here is so much better than where it was a year ago, even at the end of last season. And they’re doing everything they can; they’re doing their part. It’s the weather. But frankly, to have gotten us anything at all to ski on makes them miracle workers in my books.

Jason Hann

Steady Brook

I was gone for most of the heavy rain, but they’re doing what they can with the weather that they’ve got. It’s nice out there today (Thursday) with the fresh snow from last night. It’s nice that they were going to try to do more stuff this year, like they had a lot of plans. Hopefully the weather picks up so they can get going on what they wanted.

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