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How important is Indigenous Day?

National Indigenous Peoples Day was celebrated all over Canada on Thursday. From sunrise ceremonies to traditional song and dance, Indigenous groups shared their culture. In Corner Brook a large crowd turned out at Margaret Bowater Park to take part in the celebration. We dropped by to speak with some of those present.

We asked: How important is it to celebrate Indigenous culture and heritage?

Audrey Wells

Hughes Brook

Very important. There’s been a lot of controversy because of the way the Indigenous people have been treated over the years. And this is to celebrate our culture and learn about our culture.

Verna Rose

Steady Brook

It’s dear to my heart, because I’m celebrating my heritage. It’s very important. It’s bringing out people, bringing out children, it’s bringing out talent. It’s happiness. It brings joy.

Reg Locke

Corner Brook

Very important. Extremely important. We’ve got to promote our heritage. I didn’t know what my heritage was and when I found out, this is just absolutely incredible to be a part of it.

Russell Park


Really important, so we can regain our culture. I was here five o’clock this morning for the sunrise ceremony. Really enjoyable.


Dinah Coombs

Corner Brook

Very important. I’m Mi’kmaw myself and anything that I can participate in I will. I think it’s the people and the music and getting to know more about the culture. It’s important to share it.

Micheala Webb

Pynn’s Brook

I was aboriginal all my life. I’ve been discriminated against since I was a kid and now that we can actually come out and celebrate it’s such a great thing to do. And a lot of people can learn about aboriginal culture and about the way of life that we had to hide for so long.

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