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How important is Remembrance Day?

It’s been a long while since the World Wars took place with more than 70 years elapsed since the end of the Second World War.

QUESTION: How important is it to keep Remembering?


Julia Patten

- Kippens

It’s so important. We have to be grateful because the people we’re remembering are the people who fought for where we are today. We have to keep remembering because it’s our ancestors who did it for us.


Brooklyn Colombe

- Cold Brook

It’s very, very important. They fought for us so we could have our freedom. We should pray for them every chance we get and celebrating them and what they did is very big here in our school (Stephenville High).


Jimmy Strickland

- Stephenville

It’s extremely important. We need to remember so we don’t lose sight of the sacrifices others have made to grant us the liberties we have today. It’s a reminder to continue to be peacekeepers – a very important message for our youth today.


Sofia Kaibir

- Stephenville

It’s important because of the people who did things for us. They fought for us and it’s important to remember what they have done for us to be living freely here today.


Sarah Cassell

- Stephenville

It’s important as they played a big role in serving our country. We have to remember those who fought for our peace and freedom when they didn’t have to and did it of their own choice.


Gia Caul

- Stephenville

It’s pretty important because without those soldiers we wouldn’t be here today. Ceremonies like we have here (Stephenville High) keep people remembering how it was for those soldiers who went overseas to fight.

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