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Interim deal means western Newfoundland garbage will soon be shipped to Norris Arm

The trash being collected on the streets of western Newfoundland is still being dumped in local landfills and won’t be going to central Newfoundland until a deal can be worked out for that component of the new Sort-It Western waste management program.
The trash being collected on the streets of western Newfoundland will finally soon be brought to central Newfoundland. - Gary Kean

It is not the permanent fix, but at least garbage from the western region will soon finally be diverted to central Newfoundland.

Western Regional Waste Management and Central Newfoundland Waste Management have reached an interim agreement that paves the way for trash collected in western Newfoundland to be transported to the engineered landfill site at Norris Arm in the central region.

That was the plan all along, but Western Regional Waste Management began rolling out its new Sort-It Western waste management strategy in mid-July without having a contract in pace with the central facility. That meant all trash collected continued to be dumped at landfills in the western region.

Recycled material has been processed by Scotia Recycling, as per the strategy.

The interim deal, reached between the two entities Thursday, will result in waste being transported from western to central early this week.

Efforts are still being made to work out a more permanent deal.

Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Andrew Parsons has appointed an independent firm to conduct a cost analysis study to determine a fair and reasonable fee for disposal of waste at Norris Arm.

The cost analysis is expected to be provided to the Parsons in about 30 days. The report will recommend what the cost should be for waste to be processed at the Norris Arm facility, which could help both sides reach a formal agreement.

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