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Judge to decide direction of Woody Point fish plant trial later in spring

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The parties involved in a long-running court case in Corner Brook will find out in May if the case will continue or not.

The matter involves allegations of illegal reporting of herring catches at the 3Ts fish plant in Woody Point in the fall of 2010.

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The fish plant, its owners and the company that owns the fishing vessel involved, are jointly accused of underreporting the amount of herring landed at the dock. The Crown’s contention is that the weights of landed fish were lower than the weight of the fish eventually shipped out of the plant to market.

Two weeks ago, defence lawyer Robby Ash asked Judge Kymil Howe for a directed verdict after Crown attorney David Mills had presented the prosecution’s case at trial. Ash said the evidence presented did not warrant convictions.

Thursday, Mills completed his response to Ash’s argument that Howe should acquit all parties involved of all charges against them.

Ash also finished his response to the Crown’s arguments against the acquittals.

Howe will render her decision May 22.

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