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Late Christmas present: another dip at Newfoundland and Labrador gas pumps

Most fuel prices will be going up.
Most fuel prices — including home heating oil — is down in price today. - SaltWire Network

That gas station gift card you received in your stocking will go a little further today thanks to a drop in Newfoundland and Labrador fuel prices.

The new max price for a litre of self-service motor fuel will dip by 3.3 cents today. It’s the 10th time in 11 weeks that the price has fallen.

Diesel is also down, falling 2.8 cents per litre (cpl), furnace oil decreased 2.75 cpl, and stove oil tumbled 2.41. Propane, as it did last week, climbed by one cent.

The next scheduled price change happens on New Year’s Day.

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