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Local soldiers undergo winter warfare training

Pte. Alex Jesso, left, says he chooses to stay in the Canadian Army Reserves because he really enjoys it.
Pte. Alex Jesso, left, says he chooses to stay in the Canadian Army Reserves because he really enjoys it. - Submitted

Canadian Forces reservists from throughout Atlantic Canada are returning from training in Labrador today.

Exercise Northern Sojourn 2018 is the fifth Canadian Division's annual advanced winter warfare training exercise that aims to train soldiers in harsh climates of the Canadian North.

This includes the deployment and employment of an immediate reaction unit and the Arctic Response Company Group from units throughout Atlantic Canada. Retaining the ability to conduct a full range of operations in the Arctic and sub-Arctic is imperative to the Canadian Army’s mission to protect sovereignty and defend national interests in the North, stated a prepared release.

Pte. Alex Jesso of Corner Brook was one of the reservists attending training. The Canadian Forces provided the following profile:

Years of service:

2.5 years of part-time service in the Army Reserve.

Home unit:

2nd Battalion, the Royal Newfoundland Regiment

Civilian occupation?

When I am not shooting machine guns and participating in military training, I am a cashier at Dominion.

Who is your role model?

My role model would be my grandfather. He served as firefighter for 33 years, and inspired me to give back and serve my country.

Why did you join and what do you do in the Canadian Armed Forces?

I joined the army as an infantry soldier because I saw it as a great opportunity to make money and have an interesting career.

What is the best part about being in the Canadian Army/5th Canadian Division?

The best part about being in the army is being able to go on exercise, being outdoors and getting to do things that civilians only see in movies.

What is your most memorable experience?

I especially enjoy shooting the C-6 machine gun. The experience of shooting a machine gun is such a great feeling.

Why you have stayed in the forces?

I choose to stay in the Canadian Army Reserves because I really enjoy what I do. It is an opportunity to get off the island and experience other parts of our country and the world.

What message would like the Canadian public to know about the Canadian Army?

The Canadian Army is a good career for anyone who wants to serve their country and make a difference.

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