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Newfoundland and Labrador gas prices down again


Province enjoying seven straight weeks of savings at the pumps

Make it seven straight weeks that the maximum price for a litre of gas has dropped in Newfoundland and Labrador.

With another 2.7 cent dip this morning, the per litre cost of gas has fallen more than 22 cents since Oct. 18. The lowest litre price is found in St. John’s at $1.167, while the most expensive area is up in Labrador South-Lodge Bay/Cartwright where it’s $1.33.

The Public Utilities Board reduced the max cents per litre (cpl) on three of the four other petroleum products it regulates.

Diesel is down 4.4 cpl, furnace heating oil tumbled 3.78, and stove oil declined 4.01. Propane, meanwhile, is up one cent per litre.

Another pricing update is coming next Thursday.

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