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Pasadena town council votes to reinstate funding for heritage society

['Carole Spicer, right, chairperson, of the Pasadena Heritage Society NL, and Carla Morton, committee advisory member, discuss the society’s new website, which will be launched at the Pasadena Library on March 19 at 7 p.m.']
Carole Spicer, right, chairperson, of the Pasadena Heritage Society NL, and Carla Morton, committee advisory member, appear in this Western Star file photo.

Carole Spicer was elated following Monday night’s town council meeting in Pasadena.

That’s because council voted to pass a motion that would give the Pasadena Heritage Society, of which she serves as chair, $5,000 for its operating budget this year.

That $5,000 sum was once an annual occurrence, but was nixed in the 2017 budget because council at the time felt the town had incubated it for long enough and it was time the committee stand on its own.

“We’re very pleased,” said Spicer.

She said she had a “very good” meeting with Mayor Gary Bishop and Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hudson, who offered some suggestions and requested quarterly and financial reports from the group, which will remain a standalone committee and not a committee of council.

“We got the sense they were supportive,” said Spicer. “But, of course, until the actual vote is passed, you’re always crossing your fingers.”

The change of heart, Spicer believes, is due to the change in membership of council, with only Coun. Gemma Walsh returning to her position after the election.

Coincidentally, it was Walsh who brought down the budget that terminated the funding in the first place, and she also tabled this new motion to reinstate the money.

Despite several attempts, Walsh could not be reached by The Western Star by deadline.

“I think the desire is for everyone to move forward and not rehash what happened,” Spicer said. “That’s done.”

This turn of events didn’t just happen by fate, though, Spicer said.

She said everyone on the committee, as well as a number of supporters, made it a point to make the reinstatement of the funding an election issue as the candidates were going door-to-door to speak with the voting public.

The committee also met with the current council following the election, putting forward the request officially.

Spicer said another step in the right direction was members of council getting out to some of the society’s events and seeing firsthand the good that comes from them.

“I think that brought a positive response,” she said.

An attempt to reach Mayor Gary Bishop, inquiring why the money was contributed now and not during the budget, was also unsuccessful as of deadline.

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