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Safety notice issued for Buddy Heater attachments

The St. John’s Regional Fire Department is alerting consumers to a notice from Enerco Group, the manufacturer of Mr. Heater Buddy Heaters.

There are now a number of attachments people can buy to warm or cook food on the portable Buddy Heaters. However, the company states on its website that the use of such third party attachments with these heaters is unsafe.

The popular heaters are often used for camping, to heat garages, and as a back-up heat source during power outages.

“Please be advised that Buddy Heaters are neither certified, nor safe to be used to warm or cook food of any kind,” the company wrote in the notice. “Buddy Heaters are not certified as a cooker and not designed to operate in this manner. Moreover, Enerco expressly prohibits the use of any type of non-approved attachments with its Buddy Heaters.”

The St. John’s Regional Fire Department advises people who have purchased these devices to heed the warning posted on the Mr. Heater website.

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