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Saskatchewan RCMP say they're committed to finding who killed Carol King

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan say they are committed to finding out what happened to Carol King and bringing those responsible for her death before the courts.

Carol King, originally from Mattis Point, was murdered in Saskatchewan in 2011. Her sister Brenda is frustrated with how police have handled the case.

Originally from Mattis Point, Ms. King had been living in the Herschel area of Saskatchewan for about three years prior to her Aug. 6, 2011 disappearance. Three weeks later, the 40-year-old woman's body was discovered at an abandoned property not far from her home.

Since then efforts to find her killer or killers have not resulted in any charges being laid.

In March, Ms. King’s sister, Brenda King, spoke of the frustration her family feels as time goes by. She said not knowing what happened to her sister, how she died or who is responsible, continues to haunt the family.

At the time King also expressed anger with police for the handling of her sister’s disappearance five years ago and the lack of progress on the case.

Following a recent request for an update on the investigation, police in Saskatchewan sent The Western Star an email statement.

In it, the RCMP says “there are several parallel investigations ongoing at this time in relation to Carol King and multiple units and investigators have been engaged since Carol’s disappearance.”

Police are also still seeking the public’s assistance in coming forward with any new information.

As for the family’s concerns, police say investigations like this can take a significant amount of time. The statement says the RCMP remains in contact with the family.

“We consider our communication with the King family to be private, however, we try and share as much information with them as we can, keeping in mind our primary focus is to bring those responsible for her death before the courts.”

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