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Stephenville council wants long-term health care centre built

Coun. Laura Aylward is seen at a Stephenville town council meeting Thursday.
Coun. Laura Aylward is seen at a Stephenville town council meeting Thursday. - Frank Gale

Mayor Tom Rose would like to see a Level 3 long-term care centre in Stephenville.

He made the comment at the regular general meeting of the Stephenville town council Thursday explaining that since the town is a service centre for a larger southwest coast area it’s a good location for such a facility.


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“People come here from out of town to purchase goods and take advantage of facilities in the town, so why not give them another reason like visiting their parents or senior relatives?” he asked.

Coun. Laura Aylward, who is chair of the West Coast Health Care Action Committee, agreed. She said her organization has made that recommendation in the past when meeting with Western Health.

She said another of their recommendations has been for improvements to the aging Bay St. George Long Term Care Centre in Stephenville Crossing.

Rose said it’s time to get some provincial funding and with council’s support he will be requesting Health and Community Services Minister John Haggie come and meet with council.

Coun. Mark Felix said there are already Level 1 and 2 seniors’ facilities in town but no Level 3.

“The goal should be to have a strategy for that to happen so that all three levels are covered in the event people want to come here and live out their senior years,” he said.

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