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The Muskrat Falls Inquiry (Phase 1)

The Muskrat Falls construction site in August 2017.
The Muskrat Falls construction site in August 2017. - Ashley Fitzpatrick

A comprehensive and chronological collection of Telegram coverage of Phase 1

The Commission of Inquiry into Muskrat Falls is far from over, but reporter Ashley Fitzpatrick has already written a considerable number of stories on the subject.

To make this information a little easier to find and digest, we've compiled a chronological list all of our coverage from the inquiry in one place.

We'll be updating this as the inquiry continues, so be sure to check back often.

Click here for the most recent coverage from Phase II.


Muskrat Falls — That dam project (Part I)

Muskrat Falls — That dam project (Part II)

Muskrat Falls — That dam project (Part III)

ATIPPA exemption coming for Muskrat Falls Inquiry 

Parties seek standing at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Muskrat Falls inquiry commissioner makes determinations on standing

Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall scheduled for presentation at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

WEEK 1 (Sept. 17-21)

Muskrat Falls Inquiry hearings start in Labrador

Hydroelectric projects are usually more expensive than originally estimated, Oxford professor says

‘I’m not resolving land claims’: Muskrat Falls Inquiry commissioner

Inquiry witnesses speak to traditional use of river and Muskrat Falls

Inherent value in Muskrat Falls Inquiry: historian

Nalcor will meet regulatory demands: CEO

Auditors bring Muskrat Falls as ‘best option’ into question

WEEK 2 (Sept. 25-28)

Nalcor confident in Muskrat Falls decision

Questions for auditors wrap up at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Nalcor’s predictions explored at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

WEEK 3 (Oct. 1-5)

Newfoundland and Labrador not ‘going it alone,’ Williams tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Don’t panic over power costs, Danny Williams says at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Muskrat Falls inquiry — from ‘unacceptable’ PUB to methylmercury

Critics not convinced after Williams’ testimony

Muskrat Falls Inquiry hearings stray off topic

Muskrat Falls inquiry reschedules Indigenous leader’s testimony

Muskrat Falls Inquiry: No firm response on reservoir clearing

Natural gas not considered for Newfoundland and Labrador power, engineer tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

WEEK 4 (Oct. 9-12)

Wade Locke regrets 2012 presentation

Concerned Citizens face grilling at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Labrador activist repeats concerns at Muskrat Fall Inquiry

Independent analyst completes testimony at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

WEEK 5 (Oct. 15-19)

Two more people added at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Former Nalcor board members say at Muskrat Falls Inquiry that they don’t recall risk assessment

Question get personal at Muskrat Falls inquiry

Muskrat Falls schedule was 'highly unlikely', cost overrun likely: consultant

Movement of information becomes issue at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

WEEK 6 (Oct. 22-26)

Nalcor-government relationship was complicated: lawyer

Regulator’s oversight was needed on Muskrat Falls project, business professor says

Public Utilities Board stymied by Nalcor, lawyer tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Government bullied PUB, Andy Wells tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Muskrat Falls Inquiry witness describes loan guarantee benefit

WEEK 7 (Oct. 29-Nov. 2)

Manitoba Hydro didn't weight Muskrat Falls project's business case

Changes to report scrutinized at Muskrat Falls In quiry

Wasn't aware of high-risk schedule, Nalcor CFO tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Nalcor CFO describes being pressured

Former Newfoundland and Labrador minister speaks to ‘commitment letter’

WEEK 8 (Nov. 5-9)

Finance didn’t review estimates: former Newfoundland and Labrador deputy minister

Natural gas evidence missing, engineer suggests at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Finance minister knew staff concerns, Muskrat Falls Inquiry hears

Muskrat Falls project team acknowledged plan was ‘aggressive’

WEEK 9 (Nov. 13-16)

Island hydro projects fairly considered: former Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro VP

Province maintained oversight of Muskrat Falls project, former bureaucrat says

Former government reps, Nalcor at odds over disclosure

Muskrat Falls project review was limited: risk expert

Astaldi Canada-Nalcor Energy dispute hits Muskrat Falls Inquiry 

WEEK 10 (Nov. 19-23)

Muskrat Falls Project director warns of ‘knew-it-all-along syndrome’

Muskrat Falls inquiry Commissioner orders project director pay public

No outside check of final ‘strategic risk’ assessment for Muskrat Falls project

Muskrat Falls project director supports consultants’ testimony on ‘strategic risk’

Natural gas report withheld by Nalcor, Muskrat Falls Inquiry hears

ANALYSIS: Muskrat Falls Inquiry still in early days

WEEK 11 (Nov. 26-30)

Muskrat Falls project lead knew about high-risk schedule

Nalcor Energy unhappy with SNC-Lavalin, Muskrat Falls Inquiry hears

Emera CEO never asked for misleading estimates, inquiry told

Nalcor shouldn’t be involved in politicking, v-p tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Ed Martin says he never ‘lowballed’ Muskrat Falls estimate

FLASHBACK: Jerome Kennedy on the Muskrat Falls project

WEEK 12 (Dec. 3-7)

Nalcor Energy didn’t report in full, Jerome Kennedy tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Former natural resources minister tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry he tried his best

Government axed review of risk, senior civil servant tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Lawyers ask about Muskrat Falls oversight, responsibility

Natural gas information ‘suppressed,’ Muskrat Falls Inquiry commissioner told

WEEK 13 (Dec. 10-14)

Nalcor board, government fully informed, Ed Martin says

Four things Ed Martin addressed in his first day at the Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Billions in benefits to come, Ed Martin tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Muskrat Falls Inquiry commissioner tells Ed Martin he can’t ‘run the show’

‘Frustrating’ to see negativity, Ed Martin tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

WEEK 14 (Dec. 17-21)

Newfoundland Power shut out of Muskrat Falls review, president says

Former Newfoundland and Labrador premier Kathy Dunderdale still confident in Nalcor Energy

Dwight Ball and Siobhan Coady granted standing as individuals at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Loan guarantee was essential, Kathy Dunderdale tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry in St. John's

Hydro-Québec power wasn’t an option, Kathy Dunderdale tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Right decision was made: Dunderdale 

Kathy Dunderdale clarifies loan guarantee during testimony at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

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